How to Make sure You Choose the Right Austin Real Estate Agent?

    Your real estate agent makes a difference. Choose wrong and you may be right back where you are now searching for a new Austin real estate agent a few months from now. Choose right, and you could be living in a new home or you could have your current home sold for a price above the listing price.

    Whether you’re buying or selling, hiring the right Austin real estate agent will make a huge difference. Here are a few of the things you should consider whenever you need to hire a real estate agent.

    Check Out the Credentials

    Before hiring any real estate agent in Austin, TX, make sure you check their credentials. Are they properly licensed? Have they been disciplined by the state’s regulatory body? Do they hold additional qualifications?

    Some agents are far more qualified to work with first-time home buyers than others, while other agents may hold special qualifications for a specific type of property. Make sure you do your due diligence and thoroughly check the credentials before hiring your Austin real estate agent.

    Buyer’s Agent, Seller’s Agent or Both

    Austin Real Estate Agent - How to Make sure You Choose the Right Austin Real Estate Agent?

    Depending on the type of real estate transaction you will be entering into, you may need a buyer’s agent, seller’s agent or an agent capable of working with both. Some real estate agents in Austin specialize in finding homes for buyers, while others specialize in selling homes for sellers. Others actually work with both.

    Before you hire any agent, ask about the ratio of buyers to sellers. If they work with buyers 80% of the time, the agent may not be the right choice to help you sell your home. However, if they have a ratio close to 50/50, you may be able to use the real estate agent to sell your current home and help you find your next Austin home.

    Agent Experience Matters

    Do you really want to trust the sale of your $500K home to an agent with brand new real estate license? Experience matters in the real estate world and you need an agent ready to take on the challenges of your transaction.

    Whether you’re buying or selling in Austin, you want an agent with experience. Not only should they have experience with the type of property you’re selling or looking to buy, but they should also be very experienced in the area you plan to buy or sell within.

    It’s no longer good enough to have an agent experienced in the Austin market. You need an agent with experience in your specific neighborhood.

    When it’s time to hire an Austin real estate agent to help you sell your home or help you find a new home, you need the right agent on your side. Your real estate agent will protect you throughout the transaction, give you sound advice and may be the difference between selling your home for $10K more than listing or getting you the right deal when buying a new home.

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